NAACP Resolution that was censored
Below is the resolution submitted by the Macon chapter to the NAACP Conventions over the past 4 years.  It has yet to be read. The health ramifications that disproportionately affect African American Women are horrific. We need to hear from medical professionals and testimony from women who have been directly impacted by abortion. Let’s provide accurate information that people can make wise decisions. Abortion is the most performed operation on a woman. This is to be viewed primarily a women’s health issue not a political position.

Reducing the Number of Young Black Americans Lost through Abortion and Imprisonment Restoring Respect for Life and Liberty

Sponsored By: Georgia State Conference of Branches NAACP

Unit Number:                                                                        Date Adopted:  April 26, 2007

Whereas, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People was organized in 1909 during the height of lynching and brutality against black Americans,  and was formed for the establishment of civil rights for nonwhite people,  and for protection of their human rights.

Whereas, for more than 95 years the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People has fought to establish and protect basic human rights, civil rights and the constitutional rights of all people especially those with little or no legal protection,  mainly people of color.

Whereas, unborn children, no matter how viable, have no legal rights or political protection in the United States, abortion being legal all nine months of pregnancy.

Whereas, the abortion rights movement has long been linked to the politics of eugenicist Margaret Sager, founder of Planned Parenthood, who assisted in organizing the Negro Project, which was devised as a systematic plan for “peaceful genocide” to reduce the black population in the United States via “placement in work camps and farms” (prisons), and/or  “birth control”,  including abortion and sterilization.

Whereas, according the Center for Disease Control and Prevention more than 13 million African American children have been lost through legalized abortion since 1973.

Whereas, the loss of these children has had a detrimental effect on the voting strengths of the Black community and has delegated Black Americans to now be only the second largest minority group in the United States;  recently surpassed by the Hispanic population.

Whereas,  the high rate of incarceration of young black males, with legislation in place to insure that the length of their sentences exceed the reproductive capabilities,  also serves to curtail growth in black population,  serving as another form of genocide against black people.

Whereas, the fact that the ratio of blacks continue to grow in grossly disproportionate numbers in America’s prisons,  jails and youth detention,  not only diminishes black population,  but also stifles the political and economic viability of the entire black community and creates dysfunction in many black families.

Whereas, statements made by William Bennett in 2005, linked the crime rate to the black birth rates and putting forward the insidious notion that by killing black children, America can reduce the crime rate,  should awaken black Americans to the existence of racist population control,  and the fact that active genocide is taking place against blacks via the abortion industry and the prison industrial complex and should cause blacks to become more proactive in reducing the black abortion rate and the black imprisonment rate.

Whereas the year 2007 is a Jubilee Year

Therefore, Be It Resolved that the NAACP will undertake efforts to reduce America’s disproportionately high black prison inmate population:

  • By undertaking all efforts to reduce crime in the black community, and to assist in the release of thousands of wrongly incarcerated, or unfairly sentenced, or presently rehabilitated black prison inmates needlessly languishing in federal and state prison throughout America.
  • By reaffirming its support for the repeal of Georgia’s SB440 and SB441 which mandate long prison sentences (no parole) even for children; and similar legislation in other states throughout America.
  • By requesting that commission be formed b the federal and state governments, with the specific purpose of reducing prison population, with the engagement of civil rights organizations and faith communities in partnership with prison systems, parole boards and aftercare providers for the specific purpose of selecting prisoners for release and for providing aftercare to them once released.
  • By reducing that federal and state governments immediately engage in an effort to begin a “Jubilee Year” release of prisoners, this year 2007.

Be it also resolved that the NAACP will undertake efforts to reduce the high abortion and infant mortality rate in black community and the great number of black children lost for these reasons by:

  • Encouraging the development of pregnancy care and crisis pregnancy centers and safe haven for mothers with young children to be located in the black community and near black college campuses.
  • Undertaking efforts in the black community to educate our youth on fetal development and the miracle of life.
  • Educating black females of childbearing age on proper diet and nutrition that will assure healthier babies.
  • Educating young black males on parental rights and responsibilities.
  • Encouraging public and private support for prenatal and early childhood care and public policies which are supportive of the mental and physical health of pregnant women and mothers with young children which are fostered b the attitudes that motherhood is one of the greatest contributions to society.
  • Highlighting black mothers, who have historically chosen life, in spite of the overwhelming adversities of slavery, discrimination, oppression and poverty, and who held on to hope and continue to give birth to new generations.
  • Studying why black women are having abortions at such unprecedented rates.
  • Educating the black community on the potential, economical, physical and mental health impact of abortion, infant mortality and a stifled birth rate on the black family and the entire black community; and the racist origins of the abortion movement and industry.
  • Supporting efforts of the faith community that promotes the sacredness of human life; and by working to dispel the notions and stereotypes that view black life as less valuable and dispensable and blacks as violent lacking respect for human life, 2012 All Rights Reserved