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Candace Owens carry's the message of Black Genocide
The Womb, A Place of Safety?
Skin for Skin.
Pastor Childress in the lions den on the La Batchelor show.
Rev. Clenard Childress Takes Maafa21 to Streets at NAACP Convention.
Trayvon Martin's Death Brings Hope, "The Untold Story of Sanford"
Rev. Childress at Stand Up For Religious Freedom Rally
NYC Parents Choice Coalition.
Conscience - The Ultimate Prize.
The Feminine Mystique and Marxism.
Pro-life Day of Mourning Black Genocide CBN News.
NYC Releases Abortion Data: Little Progress From Previous Year.

1786 a day is not enough black babies aborted! Planned Parenthood wants more!
Walk for Life San Fran Draws over 50,000.
Crisis of Conscience At COGIC - Bishop Blake Endorses Health Plan.
Abortion and Black Children.
The Truth About The Abortion Pill Finally Revealed.
National Cancer Research Admits Cover Up On Abortion Breast Cancer Link.
"US Abortion Industry targets Afro-American woman" - says African American Pastor.
Presidential Deception Abortion Language To Remain in Health Bill "You Lie."
Alex Jones Interview Rev Childress on Black Genocide.
Alex Jones Interview Rev Childress on Black Genocide (2/4/10)
Alex Jones Interview Rev Childress on Black Genocide (4/4/10).
Abortion Billboards Sparks Debate in Atlanta's Black Neighborhood.
Jerome Corsie of World Net Daily Features Rev. Childress Jr.
MAAFA 21 Connects The Dots To Black Genocide.
Who was George Tiller?  You May Not Want to Know! Click Here If You Do!

AFTER 40 There Is a Shift - New Polls Confirms Pastor Childress Prophetic. Press Release  November 17, 2008 Press Release.

Pew Research confirms Rev. Childress Prophetic Press release from last November.
PhysOrg confirms Rev Childress Prophetic message from last November.
Rev Childress Commentary in Christianity Today: "Speak Out Publicly".
Black Genocide In America - World Magazine Article
The Best Thing To happen To End Black Genocide.
What Martin Luther King Called Evil Barack Obama Calls Good.
A Black Man's Dilemma - World Magazine Article

Planned Parenthood promotes casual sex to kids on website - World Net Daily Article
Read NAACP Resolution that was censored.
LEARN Protests Annual NAACP Convention - Event Photos
The NAACP and Black Abortions - Wall Street Journal Article

Group Protests Abortion Outside NAACP Convention - Cincinnati Enquirer Article

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